Sunday Bike Ride

Hi, I'm Mike from Dayton, Ohio.  My life is riding my bike to Young's Dairy ( almost every Sunday with a great group of Dayton Cycling Club ( members and friends. We start at 10 am (9 am May, June, July, August and September) from the BEAVERCREEK STATION on the BIKE TRAIL at 1152 N. Fairfield Rd.  We ride about 40+ miles round trip.  We ride to Young's Dairy on country roads and return on the bike trail (42 miles, some hills) or (longer route, about 49 miles) thru Clifton and Cedarville. An easier route is both ways on the bike trail (37 miles, flat). Most of us eat a hearty breakfast at Young's. We average 12 - 15 mph. We have faster riders who average about 17.  I always stay with the slowest riders. We return to the start after about 3 hours (or longer if you eat more and take the longer route).

Here are the directions for the ride (you won't need them unless you ride much faster than anyone else ;-)

To Young's Dairy

Beavercreek Station at 1152 N. Fairfield Rd.

0.0 R. Bike Trail
2.0 R.
TL Stedman Ln.

(across Dayton-Xenia Rd.)

2.2 R. Lyndell Dr.

2.7 S SS Grange Hall Rd.  CAUTION

(Lyndell becomes Countryside Dr.)

3.0 L. Highmont

3.2 L. Longview St.

3.8 R. Skyline Dr.

3.9 L. Shady Lane

4.0 R. Knollwood Dr.

4.5 S  Turnbull

4.6 L. Fairknoll Dr.

4.7 R. Claydor Dr.

5.1 S TL N. Fairfield

5.3 L. Prudence

5.3 R. Crab Tree

5.7 R. SS Kemp Rd.  CAUTION

5.9 L. SS Beaver Valley Rd.

8.8 S TL New Germany-Trebein

8.9 R. Autumn Creek

9.0 R. Countryside

9.2 R. Dutch Mill

9.5 R. Valle Green

10.0 L. Gateway

10.2 R. SS Dayton-Yellow Springs Rd.-CAUTION

10.8 S TL Trebein

11.1 L. Byron Rd.

12.9 S TL Rt. 235-CAUTION (no sign)

13.8 R.SS Yellow Springs-Fairfield Rd.

15.2 L. TL W. Enon Rd.

15.3 R. Appaloosa Tr.

15.8 R. SS N. Enon Rd. (no sign)

16.4 L. Mud Run Rd.

17.5 S SS Wilkerson Rd.

17.5 R. Fairfield Pike

19.5 R. Garrison Rd. (becomes Jackson Rd.)

20.6 S SS Tecumseh

22.3 R. SS US 68  CAUTION

22.6 L. TL Young's Dairy Parking Lot (near Yellow Springs, Ohio)

From Young's Dairy to Beavercreek Station

22.6 R. US 68

23.0 L. Jackson Rd.

23.2 L. Bike Trail

32.8 R. TL Hollywood

33.0 L. Purcell

33.1 L. Alameda

33.2 L. Bike Trail (thru park)

34.2 S SS  Fairground Rd.

34.4 R. SS  Bike Trail
41.0 Beavercreek Station


41 miles, pleasant ride, mostly in the

country  breakfast or ice cream at

Young's Dairy

L Left R Right S Straight SS Stop Sign

TL Traffic Light


I've been leading this ride since September 1994.  The original ride leader was Hugo Daba, who led the ride from his retirement almost until he passed away in 1991. The route hasn't changed much. We used to return on the roads (the bike trails weren't always there). There are a few small hills on the way out, and the return ride is almost entirely flat.

I'll add pictures as I get a chance or as riders send them to me at To e-mail me, remove the nospam.

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